Hey everyone!

Our names are Becca, Grace (we’re sisters!), and Bronte. And we decided to start a blog. We got the idea a few weeks ago while eating chocolate chip cookies in Becca and Grace’s living room. We thought it would be a good idea to start a blog about various biblical subjects that target teens, especially young women. Okay, right off the bat we have to admit that a few days before that (like 3) we went to the Do Hard Things Conference put on by Alex and Brett Harris (which is awesome by the way). So, if you want to know the honost truth this blog will only be a cheap copy of thier blog. 🙂 No really. 

After we decided to create a blog we had to choose a name. Here are some of the honorary mentions:

The Rebelution – Taken. Shoot!

The Girlbelution – We almost chose this one. Hehe

Chocolate Chip Cookies – Seemed appropriate, but it doesn’t quite cover what we’re trying to say.

Girls for Jesus! – Na ah.

Ladies of Zion – Nope!

Randomness for Christ – Very appropriate but not what we had in mind. It might scare people off.

Girl Talk – Taken. Oh man!

Radical Womanhood – Taken. Man! Are we ever going to find something good?

Finally, after what seemed like hours (well..),  we decided to start randomly looking in a dictionary. After a few minuets we were flipping through the “I”s and we came across the word “Innominable.” We all thought that had a nice sound to it so we looked at the meaning. Innominable means “not to be named.” We all looked at each other and said “That’s it.” We still don’t know why, but it seems perfect.

All three of us have a burden for our generation and we’re not really sure what to do with it, so for now we feel like God wants us to start simply– With a blog. We don’t know where this will lead, and we don’t know who will read this (by the way, you DO NOT have to be a teen in order to read this blog). But we do know that God is sovereign and if He is behind it He will use it for His purpose and for His glory.

Please, come, join us.