Being Content: What I Have

“Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

-Hebrews 13:5 (ESV)

There once was a young lady who loved to shop! One day a skirt she had been eyeing was on sale and she just had to go and get it. Soon it became a regular habit and she wasn’t coming out of the store with just one thing anymore. She wondered why she couldn’t leave a store without buying something. Would it ever get better? Little did this young lady know that she was in for a rude awakening. The problem she was having was something deeper-a battle for contentment in her soul.

This young lady I was describing was me a few years ago. I know now that it really is a deep issue. When you (and I) struggle with discontentment and are desiring to change, we should be encouraged because it is just further evidence that God is continually sanctifying us! Even though it is a good sign, we want to get rid of this sin because God is holy and he cannot be in the presence of sin. When we are discontent we a robbed of several things. Here is one.

  • Discontentment robs us of joy

When we are not content we are robbing ourselves of joy that is available to us because of Jesus. We are robbed of this joy because we are always focused on what more we need (or what) then being grateful for the things that we already have.

Application: How can we be content with what we have? One way is to avoid whatever situations tempt you. For myself I should be avoiding the clothing section in Target. I haven’t been very good at doing it but, I know it would help! My friend, Kira has a couple greats post on contentment! Be sure to check them out!

Another way is to be content is to think of how to spend your money wisely. Giving to others who NEED things is a great way to start! I have noticed that when I give to others, I am content. Giving to others GIVES US JOY and has so much more value than spending money on earthly and worldly possessions!

So let us put these things to practice! For myself, I am going to try avoid the Target clothing section until I need something. I believe that this will help me be content with the clothing I own and not desire more if I don’t see more that I want! Please comment and let me know of other ways that you have found helpful. Thank you to all of our faithful readers for continuing to read our blog.

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