Back to School: Do Hard Things

Titus 1:16 “They profess to know God, but they deny him by their works. They are detestable, disobedient, unfit for any good work.”

Once there was a man named Robert, we call him Mr. Bob. He once told us this story about when he was in the air force. He had to completely memorize over 100 enemy plans, so well that when they were flashed on the screen for a 1/8 of a second he could name what plane it was. Well during all of this he got laryngitis and he had to stay in the medical center for 11 days. When he was able to come back, they told him that he was to far behind and would have to go home because they didn’t have time for him to catch up. Mr. Bob asked if he could try on his own and they agreed to let him. So off he went with a 2½-inch stack of papers. Each sheet of paper had one airplane on it. The day of the test came. Out of 600 men who attended every class, guess who got the best score: Mr. Bob! He only missed one question.

Why? Because he had something to do and he worked hard, to the best of his ability.

A few months ago Bronte, Becca, and I attended the Rebulution conference along with several others from our church. Brett Harris, one of the speakers, told a story about this guy who went in to take a big test. Brett heard this guy say that he received 90% on his test and didn’t even study; at first I was like “Wow that is a crazy smart guy!” But I started thinking that he could have probably gotten 100% if he had just studied hard, to the best of his ability. It was very neat that he did that well but he probably didn’t try that hard. What matters is working hard, even at something that is easy for you.

We could be really good at something and think we don’t need to put any effort in to it because we will do well no matter what. Even if that is true just think of we could do if we pushed ourselves to the limit of what we can do. We could be great at something instead of just good. Even though I am one of the worst examples of doing this, I am trying.

There is no way that we can do this on our own. We need help from God who will help us work hard even when we don’t feel like it. We also need help from the godly friends around us. Ask each other how they are working towards accomplishing this goal. Make sure everyone is relying on God’s strength and not their own.

So, do hard things to the best of your ability. This glorifies God.

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