Worldiness: Is This Verse in Your Bible?

imagesWelcome to the very first discussion on the first chapter of Worldliness: Resisting the Seduction of a Fallen World. To learn more about what this group is, click HERE. We also recently started a FACEBOOK page! Click HERE to visit this site. It is NEVER to late to join!! To join, send an email to

Well guys, it is February 20th. I applaud all of you for the grace that is evident in your life by taking this step to learn about resisting worldliness! Not many people would join a group like this.

I want to encourage all of you to not just read these questions and move on. Please take the time to answer them on paper and to prayerfully consider whether any of these things can apply to your life. So without further ado, here are the questions.

For Your Mind:

1: When the apostle John warns us, “Do not love the world or anything in the world” (1 John 2:15 NIV), what does he mean by “the world”?

2: Why is this warning relevant for every Christian?

3: How does 1 John 2:15-16 turn our focus away for externals to the matters of the heart?

For Your Heart:

4: Can you relate to any of these reasons for neglecting Scripture’s command not to love the world?

  • “Resisting worldliness” is just another way to say “out of touch.”
  • I can’t evangelize the world if I don’t relate to the world
  • No one has the right to tell me how much of the world I can take.
  • My friends need this book more than I do.
  • I’m not tempted to worldliness because I go to church-in fact, I attend Sunday meetings and a small group every week.
  • If I think too seriously about it, I might have to let go some things that I enjoy. (My biggest reason!)

5: Is your Christian life marked by increasing love for the Savior? Or was there a time when you were consistently more passionate for God, and more characterized by extravagant devotion and love for the church, then you are now? If the latter, why do you think this has happened?

6: What are you passionate about? What preoccupies you when your time and thoughts are your own?

For Your Life:

7: Is there something in the world you’re presently attracted to or pursuing? It’s probably whatever you have been thinking about as you read this chapter. If, so, how can you seek accountability and help from a godly friend, parent, or pastor?

8: As this chapter points out, the antidote to worldliness is the cross of Jesus Christ. This is why Charles Spurgeon’s counsel to “dwell where the cries of calvary can be heard” is so valuable. What does Spurgeon man by this? What is one way that you can begin to follow his advice?

*These questions are taken from the back of the book, Worldliness in the discussion questions section*

Throughout the next two weeks leading up to the discussion of the second chapter (God, My Heart, and Media) we will be posting more ways that we have been convicted and how we can put to practice what we are being taught.

Join us on MARCH 6TH for the discussion questions for chapter two: God, My Heart, and Media by Craig Cabaniss.


Website to Purchese Worldliness

Alright! You all may begin reading Worldliness at anytime now. For those of you who do not own a book, click here to buy the book for $7!

Your assignment is to read the 1st chapter by February 20th. On that day we will post some dicussion questions and dicuss them together! If you get behind, don’t worry about it! Do as much of the first chapter as you can!

We are so excited to start this book study with all of you!

The Innominables (Becca, Bronte, and Grace)

And the winner is….


Congratulations on winning the copy of Worldliness! We are so happy that you won and are so thankful that you had the courage to stand up and be the only guy (at present) to be in the book club! THANK YOU!

We thought that we would take a few minutes to have Bronte share an evidence of grace that she sees in her brother!

An evidence of grace I see in Thaxton is his diligence. These past two years in school our homework level has been bumped up considerably and the material is a lot harder. But through is all Thaxton has remained diligent and he has tried really hard to meet all the requirements and to do well. And he has! By God’s grace he has been getting good grades and doing well in all his subjects (I wish I could say as much. I hate math! :))

Thaxton, It really is amazing to watch you do your work. You are diligent and you are good at doing your work until it’s done. Even if it means putting aside what you want to do. Praise God for His work in you life. I don’t know what I would do without you. Love ya little brother!

More details on the book club will be coming soon!

What Can I Bring?


This song has really been very encouraging to me the past few weeks! It is very gospel-centered and it presses the truth, What do I bring to the Lord? I bring nothing but my sin!

What Can I Bring: By Jeremy Riddle

This is my song to You
A melody of thanks for You
An expression of wonder
At Your beauty and Your splendor
No other cry have I
Than to know You more and lift You high
Oh, God of infinite glory
Above all You are worthy

What can I bring to You
Simply a song of love
And boundless gratitude
My whole life for You
You’ve rescued me from death
Given me Your kingdom
And blessed me with Your love
Countless mercies from above

Had I riches, I would bring them
Had I kingdoms, I would lose them
Had I the world, too small a gift
Would it be for You