Updates and Book Recommendations

I believe that we need to slow down the book study and take it even slower. This is for two reasons. I think that we need more time to read and study each chapter. Life is very busy and two weeks go by very fast!! The other reason is because all three of us girls have been very busy. We all manage at least one other blog in addition to this one. We need to make school work and helping in our home and in our church the highest priority. So please bear with us during this busy stage of life.

Two ways you can help us are below:

  1. PRAY. Pray for wisdom for us as we discern what to blog about and that the Lord would give us words to speak what He is calling us to say.
  2. We need you to get involved! Would you please consider sharing how the Lord has saved you? When I read other blogs, I love to read stories of others and how they were saved. They encourage me in my faith. We love our readers input!!!!! Please, PLEASE take the time to share any ideas or posts that you would like to see on our blog. You can do this via commenting or sending an email to innominables@gmail.com

That being said, I thought that it would be fun to each of us to share our favorite books and then for you to share your favorite ones with us. So today, I (Becca) am going to give you my book recommendations.

41i9dgebtcl_sl500_aa240_Keeping The Heart: By John Flavel

I just started reading this wonderful puritan book a week or so ago. It is SO, SO, SO good!!! I highly recommend it! I am six pages into it and already I have been convicted by my sin and encouraged by the Gospel. Our hearts are at the bottom of every sin that we face and give into. What comes out of our mouths, reveals what is in our heart. Wow! John Flavel takes time to share how we can preserve the heart from sin only by the grace of God (we will mess up a lot-Praise God for the Gospel!).

“It is observes of an eminent saint, that when he was confessing sin, he would never give over confessing until he had felt brokeness of heart over that sin; and when praying for any spiritual mercy, would never give over that suit till he had obtained some relish of that mercy” -John Flavel

41k5f190ghl_sl500_aa240_The Mortification of Sin: By John Owen

I finished this book just last week. It is VERY good!!! I also highly suggest getting and reading this one! John Owen brings a seriousness to sin that I often don’t experience. It is to be dealt with. Know what circumstances tempt you and avoid them! We must slay sin so that we may become less and Christ more! This is the amazing work of Sanctification! The Gospel was spoken clearly in this book and that is very needed in a book that revealed so much sin in my life. If not for the grace of God, I would have no hope. Praise the Lord that we do have hope! What a Savior!

“It is to be feared that many Christians have little knowledge of the main enemy that they carry about them in their hearts” “Be killing sin or it will be killing you” -John Owen

images1Respectable Sins: By Jerry Bridges

I read this book around a year ago. It is very good and definatly worth buying and reading. Mr. Bridges takes about the sins that we easily excuse such as Anxiety, Ungodliness, Unthankfulness, Pride, Selfishness, Discontentment to name a few. It was so convicting! I read it with our parent-youth small group last year and so we did the discussion questions as well. In fact, buy the disscussion book!

“The primary purpose of this book is to help us face the presence of many of these subtle sins in our lives and to recognize the fact that, to a large degree, they have become acceptable to us. We tolerate them in our lives with hardly a second thought. That makes them more dangerous because, in addition to the basic sin itself, they can open the door of our hearts to greater sin. Discontentment, for example can easily lead to resentment or bitterness toward God or other people. – Jerry Bridges”

Well, that is three books of many more that I love! In the near future, Bronte and Grace will both be posting their favorite books. Thank you for your extreme patience!

We will be posting in between each discussion of Worldliness each month. By the grace of God, Lord willing we will post about some topics that you (our readers) share with us via email or comments.

Join us on this coming Friday (April 3rd) as we discuss together the questions from the 3rd chapter of Worldliness: God, My Heart, and Music.

In His amazing grace,

Becca for the Innominables


Worldliness: God, My Heart, and the Media

Discussion Question taken from “Worldliness” on chapter two:

For your Mind:

1. Why is no one immune to the media today?

2. As this chapter notes, hardly any discussion of media standards gets far before someone cries “Legalism!” What is legalism? What is the only possible solution to legalism?

3. What does it mean to live coram Deo?

For your Heart:

1. How are you tempted to watch passively or with a sense of immunity as you serf the Internet or watch TV or films?

2. In what way can you cultivate a greater awareness that every film, TV show, and Internet page you see is “before the face of God”?

3.  When you “need a break,” are you more likely to reach for the remote? Fellowship with God and other believers? Something else?

For your Life:

1. This chapter explains that God-pleasing discernment involves remembering his grace to us in the death and resurrection of our Savior, and responding to his grace with a heart eager to please him bt taking pleasure in what is good and right and true. How will this truth effect your decision about the next movie you watch?

2. If you limited your media choices to what was actually benificial (as opposed to just permissable, would your viewing habbits change? If so, how?

3. Does anyone know what you watch, how much you watch, and specific areas in which you are tempted? If not, whom ca you seek biblical accountability from?

Now we want to point out that  it’s not  inherintly wrong to watch TV or movies, entertainment and leasure are gifts from God. But the danger is when we watch or listen or read thoughtlessly. Are we considering whether the content is appropriate? Are we considering what worldview is being presented? Are we considering how much time we’re spending on the media? Are we considering it’s effect on us? Are we watching in a worshipful way that expresses gratatude and appriciation to God for His good gifts?