Worldliness: God, My Heart, and the Media

Discussion Question taken from “Worldliness” on chapter two:

For your Mind:

1. Why is no one immune to the media today?

2. As this chapter notes, hardly any discussion of media standards gets far before someone cries “Legalism!” What is legalism? What is the only possible solution to legalism?

3. What does it mean to live coram Deo?

For your Heart:

1. How are you tempted to watch passively or with a sense of immunity as you serf the Internet or watch TV or films?

2. In what way can you cultivate a greater awareness that every film, TV show, and Internet page you see is “before the face of God”?

3.  When you “need a break,” are you more likely to reach for the remote? Fellowship with God and other believers? Something else?

For your Life:

1. This chapter explains that God-pleasing discernment involves remembering his grace to us in the death and resurrection of our Savior, and responding to his grace with a heart eager to please him bt taking pleasure in what is good and right and true. How will this truth effect your decision about the next movie you watch?

2. If you limited your media choices to what was actually benificial (as opposed to just permissable, would your viewing habbits change? If so, how?

3. Does anyone know what you watch, how much you watch, and specific areas in which you are tempted? If not, whom ca you seek biblical accountability from?

Now we want to point out that  it’s not  inherintly wrong to watch TV or movies, entertainment and leasure are gifts from God. But the danger is when we watch or listen or read thoughtlessly. Are we considering whether the content is appropriate? Are we considering what worldview is being presented? Are we considering how much time we’re spending on the media? Are we considering it’s effect on us? Are we watching in a worshipful way that expresses gratatude and appriciation to God for His good gifts? 

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