Worldliness: God, My Heart, and Music

Discussion Questions: (taken from the book Worldliness: Resisting the Seduction of a Fallen World)

For Your Mind:

1. What indications do we have from the Bible that God likes music?

2. Why can’t we create a list of artists or music styles that every Christian should listen to or avoid.

3. What do we mean when we say that music carries content, context, and culture?

For your Heart:

1. How important is music to you? Are you easily irritated when you aren’t hearing the music you prefer? Are you more passionate about a concert than participation in your local church? More excited about the latest album than about the truth that Christ has saves you?

2. Does the music you listen to lead you to love the Savior more, or does it cause your affection for Christ to diminish.

3. Whose musical tastes are you most tempted to critique or look down on?

For your Life:

1. Do you own music that you’ll listen to only if you backslide? If so, what reasons do you give for holding onto it?

2. As Harold Best points out, “There is no single chosen language or artistic or musical style that, better than all the others, can capture and repeat back the fullness of the glory of God.” What is one thing you can do to broaden your musical taste?

3. Next Saturday night or Sunday morning, prepare for your church’s Sunday meeting by taking time to thank the Lord for his gift of music and for those he’s provided to lead your church in worship. What are some ways you can prepare your heart and join wholeheartedly when your church gathers for worship?

Three weeks from now we will post the discussion questions from Chapter 4.

Thanks everyone!

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