God, My Heart, and Clothes: Discussion Questions

Sorry we’re a little late. Here are the discussion questions taken from the back of Worldliness: Resisting the Seduction of a Fallen World.

For your Mind:

1) Read Timothy 2:3-10. What do these verses say about the motivation for modest dress?

2) How do we know that 1 Timothy 2:9 does not prohibit women from making themselves beautiful?

3) How do women who dress modestly serve men?

For your Heart:

1) Who are you trying to imitate or identify with through your appearance–godly women, or women of the world?

2) This chapter notes that your wardrobe is a public statement of your personal and private motivation. What does your clothing communicate about your motivations and priorities?

3) Think of a woman who is admired for her godly character and good works. What aspects of her godliness do you particularly want to imitate?

For your Life:

1) What about your wardrobe may need to change so that your appearance can better reflect the transforming power of the gospel?

2) What steps can you take on your next shopping trip to ensure that your clothing purchases reflect humility, modesty, and self-control? (Some ideas: Pray for God’s help and provision in finding modest clothing; check each article of clothing you try on for modesty as well as fit; ask your father, husband, or a trusted friend to evaluate items you’re not sure about.)

3) Mothers, what steps can you take to train your daughters to value godliness over fashion, to nurture humility and self-control, and to wear clothing that reflects these virtues? Fathers, what steps can you take to care for and lead your daughters in humility, self-control, and modesty?

Now we can begin the sixth and final chapter: “How to love the World.” Please join us as we take a look into this chapter in the weeks to come!


Immodesty in the Heart

In my pride I expected to be able to read chapter 5 in Worldliness entitled “God, my Heart, and Clothes” with little to no conviction. I mean come on I dress modestly. Even if I wanted to dress immodestly my dad would never let me out of the house.

But as I was reading I realized how immodesty has less to do with what I wear and more about where my heart is. This is such a humbling realization! I became acutely aware of how often I try to impress others with what I wear. As I buy clothes (or even get dressed in the morning) I tend to have a man-centered view more than a God-centered one. Instead of asking myself if I am bringing God glory through the way I’m dressing I usually wonder what “so-and-so” will think. I can dress modestly but still have an immodest attitude. Seeking attention through what I wear is wrong whether or not I dress immodestly.

I thank God that He has revealed this to me and I pray He will continue to turn my heart more towards Him and less to man. Thank God for His neverending grace!

Happy Birthday Bronte!!

Tomorrow (May 3rd) is Bronte’s 16th birthday! There are 6 people that have graciously written Bronte encouraging words as she enters this milestone age. You will get just a small glimpse of God’s grace that radiates in her.

Dear Bronte- Happy birthday!! It is so exciting to see you turn 16…it is a great age! The reason why is not only because you are older but, because each year brings more growth in godliness and I cannot wait to continue to see this happen in your life! You are a HUGE example to me with your gentle and quiet spirit, your love for the Lord, your kindness to others, your heart to serve others, and countless other ways. God has used you when I fail and struggle and you encourage me with truth from the word. I could not ask for a better friend and dear sister in Christ. I love you very much! Grace and Peace to you!

Love, Becca (B 🙂

Happy Birthday Bronte! You are such a wonderful Godly young woman and I have been blessed as I have been getting to know you so much over the years! Thanks for your friendship and prayers! Love you!

~Lily Fluharty

Bronte, You are one of the most mature and godly girls I know. I love talking to you, because you’re willing to talk about things that really matter. Thanks for putting up with me for all these years! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

-Stephanie Alderton (The Gatekeeper)

Happy Birthday Bronte!!! You are such a great friend and your always encouraging people in the Lord! THanks for being a great Godly influence! Love you!


Bronte it has been a joy to be your brother these past years, and now you’re 16!!! I can hardly believe it! Though sometimes it’s been rough at the end of the day you are great to be around, you are a great sister, and I cannot imagine life without you.

-Thaxton (Bronte’s brother)

Bronte–  I have known you for a long time now…about ten years I would guess and it has been a joy to watch you grow from a little girl into the young woman that you are now.  I have watched you play Pretty Pretty Princess with Mr. Whipple when we babysat you to watching you play games with my kids as you babysit them.  When I leave my children with you I know and trust that they are on very capable and loving hands, thank-you.  There are too many ways to count the ways you have serves and blessed me and my family but none the less I want to thank-you!!!!
You have grown and matured into a beautiful young woman and I love having you as a role model for my girls.
Turning 16 is a big deal…you are on the cusp of two eras…leaving childhood and entering womanhood… it’s a truly beautiful time.. make sure to stop and enjoy it over the next year.
May God grant you grace and wisdom as you mature showering His blessings upon you while causing His face to shine on you.

You are indeed a gift of God and an evidence of His unending grace!

blessings– Mrs. Whipple

Dear Bronte,
Happy Birthday! You are a beautiful Godly young woman. I am so blessed to have a friend like you! I really admire your walk with the Lord and you are such a wonderful example! The last part of this verse reminds me of you.  “Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised.”  You shine with the love of Jesus every day! You are a beautiful woman, inside and out! Have a fantastic birthday!! Love you!

Your sister in Christ,


Worldliness: God, My Heart, and Stuff

imagesWelcome to the discussion on the fourth chapter of Worldliness: Resisting the Seduction of a Fallen World. To learn more about what this group is, click HERE. We also recently started a FACEBOOK page! Click HERE to visit this site. It is NEVER to late to join!! To join, send an email to innominables@gmail.com

I want to encourage all of you to not just read these questions and move on. Please take the time to answer them on paper and to prayerfully consider whether any of these things can apply to your life. So without further ado, here are the questions.

For Your Mind:

Q: Covetousness is a word we don’t often use in normal conversation. What does it mean?

A: Mr. Harvey describes covetousness as the following:

“Covetousness as a glutton for stuff. Through covetous attractions and distractions within the heart, our stuff takes on meaning in our lives far beyond what God intends. Covetousness is choosing earthly trinkets over eternal treasure.” -Dave Harvey

Q: How is it that we can be covetous whether we’re rich, poor, or anywhere in between?

A: It is humbling because no matter our financial status, we are always desiring more. I have seen this all too many times in my own life. When I don’t have any money, I covet. When I do have money, I covet as well. We will never be truly satisfied in life until we realize that we must be completely satisfied in Jesus Christ alone. When we are covetous, we are saying that Jesus is not enough to satisfy us. True to be told…He is enough, He is more than enough. We must seek to be satisfied in Him before we see a decreasing desire for things of this world.

Q: How does the gospel specifically speak to the bondage of covetousness and materialism?

A: When we have the truth of the Gospel, there is no room for condemnation, or guilt over sin. If you have been convicted over sin in ths area, don’t let you response be one of condemnation. The only right response is to worship God and glorify His name because we have been set free from sin’s power over us (Galatians 5:1).

For your Heart:

Q: Christ died to free you from loving stuff too much. What excites you about this truth? How should it influence our daily lives?

A: Knowing that even after confessing sin I will mess up again, it excites me to know that Jesus Christ shed His blood because I am sinful. So not only are my sins covered and paid for but, when the HOLY God of the universe looks at me, He sees the perfection of His Son. This is amazing truth. I am so unworthy of His critic let alone His love! It should influence my life if I daily die to myself, my desires, and my cravings and when I mess up I look and see my Savior who died for me. This will bring true and satisfying joy.

For the most of the rest of the questions, you guys can answer them on your own and remember to apply them and not just let it rest. Don’t be content with knowing…ACT!

Q: Describe a person you know who is regularly generous. How does this person reflect the eternal perspective of the gospel as he or she lets go of treasured possessions to benefit someone else? When was teh last time God was so big for you that you let go of tresured possessions?

Q: Are you giving regularly and generously to your local church? Describe why this is important to you, or what it is not your practice at present.

For Your Life:

Q: This chapter notes that when the gospel gets bigger, covetouness becomes weak. Reread John Owen’s quote on page 108. What does it mean to fill your affections with the cross and love of Christ?

A: I am going to put the quote below:

“When someone sets his affections upon the cross and love of Christ, he crucifies the world as a dead and undesirable thing. The baits of sin lose their attaction and disappear. Fill your affections with teh cross of Christ and you will find no room for sin.”

Q: When this chapter points out that embracing covetousness can be a private sin, but casting it off should be a group project project. Who will you enlist to cast off covetousness?

A: It is SOOOO important to have someone that will hold you accountable to sin and help you bring it into the light. If you are a teen, I highly suggest asking your parents to help you in this area. They see a us sin often and know us better than we sometimes know ourselves (Sin is deceptive!). Bronte and I just started our own accountablility time last month and this has already helped me.

Q: Parents, what steps can you take to train your children to share geneously with others?

A: Well, I don’t think we have many readers that are parents but, for those of you who are parents…I have no ideas for you! 🙂 I am sure that in your wisdom you can consult others for the answer.

Join us JUNE 5TH for a timely dicussion on the area of Modesty! Thanks for reading guys!