Immodesty in the Heart

In my pride I expected to be able to read chapter 5 in Worldliness entitled “God, my Heart, and Clothes” with little to no conviction. I mean come on I dress modestly. Even if I wanted to dress immodestly my dad would never let me out of the house.

But as I was reading I realized how immodesty has less to do with what I wear and more about where my heart is. This is such a humbling realization! I became acutely aware of how often I try to impress others with what I wear. As I buy clothes (or even get dressed in the morning) I tend to have a man-centered view more than a God-centered one. Instead of asking myself if I am bringing God glory through the way I’m dressing I usually wonder what “so-and-so” will think. I can dress modestly but still have an immodest attitude. Seeking attention through what I wear is wrong whether or not I dress immodestly.

I thank God that He has revealed this to me and I pray He will continue to turn my heart more towards Him and less to man. Thank God for His neverending grace!

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