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HERE are some “talks” from Girl Talk. I particularly want to recommend Carolyn Mahaney’s talk on True Beauty. It is fantastic!


Modesty Check

Here is the Modesty Check written by Carolyn Mahaney along with her daughters Nicole Whitacre, Kristen Chesemore, and Janelle Bradshaw (see their blog HERE). This is incredibly helpful! Please take the time to read it HERE.

The Modesty Survey

The  Modesty Survey is something The Rebelution did a year or two ago. Girls wrote in and asking various questions about modesty and what guys find to be “stumbling blocks.” And then hundreds of guys wrote in with their responses.

We found this really helpful! Check it out!

How to Love the World: Discussion Questions

Here are the discussion question for the last chapter in Worldliness: Resisting the Seduction of a Fallen World intitled How to Love the World (taken from the back of the book.)

For Your Mind

1) Can you relate to this chapter’s description of “the Christian life by negation”? Do you think of the Christian life primarily in terms of what what you’re not supposed to do? How do John 3:16 and John 17:15-18 counteract this tendancy?

2) If we think of the world’s history as a story, what are the four main movements in the plotline, as this chapter presents them?

3) What three tasks enable us to “love the world” in a God-glorifying way?

For your Heart

1) Read Galatians 6:14. Does Paul’s perspective govern the way you view each area of your life (your identity, relationships, activities)? What difference should the gospel make in these areas?

2) Are you more excited about your own accompishments, career, hobbies, or leisure time than about the glorious story of redemption? How might your perspectives on these things change if you viewed them as part of God’s program in the world?

3) This chapter notes that God holds up his church as Exhibit A for the reality of the gospel. Does this grand vision govern your attitude toward your own local church?

For your Life

1) Think of one part of your work, education, leisure, or home life that seems insignificant or outside God’s notice. How does the truth that Christ is redeeming all of creation and restoring it to himself change the way you think about this area?

2) Are you actively involved and serving in your local church? If not, what practical steps can you take to contribute to your church’s missions?

3) Think about the non-Christians you know. Do you take serisouly the fact that they were made in the image of God? Do you also consider their current position before God, deserving of his eternal wrath? How might these twin realities motivate you to share the gospel with them?

There you have it! The last batch of discussion questions! Wow.

But we’re not done yet. Join us next week as we explore a little more deeply the themes of this book and then we will (Lord willing) wrap up our book study on Friday.

Have a great weekend!