Worldliness: A (Late) Conclusion

This has been a long time in coming but here is  the conclusion to our Worldliness book study.

Honostly, I went into this book with a  self-righteousness attitude. I didn’t think I was worldly. I dress modestly, I listen to good music, I watch good movies. But God humbled me with the relization that I have worldliness in my heart. When I desire to impress others with what I wear (even though it’s modest) that’s worldliness. When I desire to be in the world, when I desire to be like everyone else, that’s worldliness. Wow.

The good news is, God gives grace to fight sin. He will give me the grace I need (the grace we all need) to fight the remaining sin in our life, no matter how subtle it is. Praise God for this truth!

I don’t know how many of you read the book, but we hope you were helped and encouraged. We hope this study was a means of grace to you.

Thanks so much for your patience with us! 🙂


Happy Birthday Becca!

Dear Becca,

Happy 17th birthday! Wow! You’re old. 🙂

You are an incredible example to me. With your love for the lord, your church, and your family. With your desire to serve others even when it’s hard or makes you “get out of your comfort zone.” Your humility. Your willingness to put aside your fear and pride and step out in faith. With the way you talk and bring loving counsel to others. You have wisdom beyond your years. All this is God’s grace in your life! Praise be to Him!

Thanks so much for being there for me. You are a blessing!

Love, B