Christian Music

It is SO hard to find good music to listen to. Particularly good contemporary Christian music. I feel like most christian music sounds the same. There are precious few music artists who write good lyrics and still have good music. But there are a few who do. Reilly being one of them. Right now Reilly is my favorite band. They are a very interesting mix. They are in the rock/pop genre, but they play violins too. It’s so cool. They also have really thoughtful lyrics (particularly in their second CD entitled Let June Decide). I also find it interesting that they attend a Sovereign Grace Church. That’s really cool too! 🙂

Here’s their music video for their song Sunlight:

A couple more Christian artists I really appriciate are; Jars of Clay, Mute Math (we just got their new CD Armistince which is really good!), Waterdeep, Telecast (I love their CD The Beauty of Simplicity), TobyMac, and Red Umbrella.