NEXT 2010 Conference: Intro

This is the first of five posts that are intended to give you the specifics of my recent trip to Baltimore, Maryland for the NEXT 2010 conference. Many have asked what I learned on the trip and I could spend a long time talking about it all. So I decided that a series on the blog would be helpful and hopefully encouraging to each one of you. It is also helping me remember and put into practice what I learned.

What is Next? “The vision of Next is to gather worshipers of Jesus Christ who burn with a passion to see the gospel transferred to the next generation. Next is about faithfully receiving the gospel—the message of Christ and him crucified–from those who have gone before us, holding fast to the gospel personally, and passing the gospel on to those coming after us”. –NEXT Website.

In these next four posts, you will be hearing about the fun things we did (like running up and down sand dunes at 3am),  listening in on my notes from the messages, hearing the songs we sung, and other random tidbits. The Lord did so much in my heart over these five days. I hope you will be encouraged by these posts. I will be posting on Thursdays for the next four weeks. So please come and follow me on my journey…


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