NEXT 2010 Conference: Day Three

Starting off, I want to let you know that the last three posts in this series are going to much shorter. This is due to several reasons but mainly because my life is really busy right now. I have other things that I need to be making my 1st priority. Thank you so much for understanding! Enjoy the tidbits from day three!

Top 4 Favorite Songs from the Day:

Jesus Messiah (Chris Tomlin)

Be Thou My Vision

How Great Thou Art

Revelation Song (Jennie Riddle)

The Messages (D.A. Carson & Kevin DeYoung):

On Sunday morning, we had the privilege of hearing D.A. Carson speak of the character of God. It was a really great message! Then on Sunday night, Kevin DeYoung spoke on the church. Kevin’s message was my favorite from the conference. I highly, highly, highly recommend listening to it! Here is my favorite quote from the day:

“What we need is fewer revolutionaries and a few more plodding visionaries. Along with all the necessary pleas we have to be earnest, and intense, and radical, and sold-out. Along with all of that, do not despise the days of small things. We may need to just simplify a bit. Our generation in particular is prone to radicalism without follow through. We want to change the world and we’ve never changed a diaper. You want to make a difference for Christ? Sign up for nursery on Sunday–ask your pastor how you can serve. We need to get on a pace in which we can finish the race, one that can be sustained.” –Kevin DeYoung

Kevin spoke about how God’s love for the bride of Christ (the church) is so great that He will do anything to defend the honor of her. How God views the church should make us evaluate how we view the church.

Best Memory From the Day:

After D.A Carson message, we left to spend the afternoon in Washington D.C. We walked down the mall, starting at the Washington Monument and ending at the Lincoln Memorial. It was really hot out that afternoon!! We spent a lot of time in the vans as traffic was insane! It was a fun afternoon though.

My Notes:

After Kevin’s message, our group ordered pizza and went back to the Hotel to talk about the message. We all went around sharing our past experience with the church and also how we can practically apply what we learned at our local churches.

I just started “Foundations for our Life Together” at my church, Sovereign Grace Fellowship. This is our church’s membership class. I started the week after returning from NEXT. I believe that once I become a member and get into a small group in August, I will have more opportunities to practically see and apply what I learned in the message. Until then, I will keep serving faithfully as a helper in Children’s Ministry and on the Welcome Team. I was freshly convicted by my heart in serving. I have looked for the approval of others instead of serving because this is what glories the Lord and it is what he has called us to do.

I am excited to become a member at my church. To share in the hard times and joyful times with the members in my small group. To have others come along side of me and point out a pattern of sin they have noticed in my life. I can’t say it will be easy. In fact I know it will be hard because of my pride, but this is what God created the church for and I am excited to be a part of His plan.

Come back next Thursday for Day Four…


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